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November 19, 2023
November 20, 2023(1 event)

9:30 am: ****NEW ***We Are Breastfeeding Six Session Series *** NEW ***

November 20, 2023

"YAY! The baby's finally here... now what do we do!?” Be sure to register for our upcoming FREE "We Are Breastfeeding" series!

This In Person series of six workshops will cover common questions & concerns that often come up in the first few weeks with your new baby.

It's a great way to meet other parents and find the tips, tools, and information you need to reach your family's Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Goals.

Our first session begins October 16th at the EarlyON | Roger Street (161 Roger Street, Waterloo) - for more details visit or to register visit and the EarlyON | Roger Street calendar.

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November 21, 2023(1 event)

10:00 am: Virtual Latch and Learn: Learning to Latch + Building Supply

November 21, 2023

Learning to Latch + Building Supply!:

Learning to latch comfortably, and building a milk supply takes time, practice, and SUPPORT! We can help you improve your latch, and show you new positions to breastfeed in. We will also help you to feel confident that your baby is getting enough milk. Come and learn how to build and protect your milk supply as well as normal feeding patterns. We’re also happy to answer other lactation questions!


Our Virtual Latch and Learns are on Hiatus until September.   Our next Latch and Learn will be on September 12, 2023.  Please call into our office if you need a Breastfeeding  Check - In

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November 22, 2023(1 event)

6:30 pm: Me Breastfeed Prenatal Class- In Person at Cambridge Family Early Years

November 22, 2023

Looking Forward to seeing you in person at our ME Breastfeed Workshop.

In this two hour class, we will talk about What to Expect In The First Seven Days of Breastfeeding Your Baby, Why Is Breastfeeding Important, Strategies For Nursing Your Baby and Parenting Resources in Waterloo Region.

Connect with families that are due around the same time as you and learn about our 'We Are Breastfeeding' six week class for after baby arrives.

See a live nursing demonstration and ask all of your questions.

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November 23, 2023(1 event)

10:00 am: Walk & Talk - Victoria Park, Kitchener

November 23, 2023

Join Breastfeeding Buddies staff And volunteers in Victoria Park, Kitchener. Meet like minded families, take a stroll around Willow Lake or talk to us for a Breastfeeding Check-In.

Registration is not required for this event.

First time attending Breastfeeding Buddies event? Feeling shy? email and we will walk with you.

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November 24, 2023
November 25, 2023

We want to help you reach #yourbreastfeedinggoals!

If there are any breastfeeding or chestfeeding topics that you would love to learn about, reach out to us at