Me Breastfeed Workshop… NOW Online!

Learning about Breastfeeding while you are pregnant is an excellent first step towards meeting #YOURbreastfeedinggoals

You and a Support Person are invited to join us for our FREE 2-hour Virtual Prenatal Workshop. 

You’ll learn about…

 What to expect the first 7 days

Positioning your baby

Hand Expression and Safe Skin to Skin

Where to go for help

Breastfeeding Buddies provides evidence-based information so that you can make an informed decision and meet your breastfeeding or chestfeeding goals.

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FALL 2021 Schedule & Locations

Location: Live, from your living room!

Date: Wednesdays

Time:  7:00-9:00pm

Location: Returning to all EarlyON locations as soon as we are able

Date: TBD

Time: TBD

Workshop Registration Form

To register for the online Me Breastfeed workshop, please fill in and submit the following form. Though anyone is welcome to attend, we recommend taking this class in the final 6 weeks of your pregnancy.

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    Family/FriendRegion of Waterloo Public Health (Website, Nurse, Program)MidwifeDoctor/Nurse PractitionerObstetricianOntario EarlyOn CenterGrand River HospitalCambridge Memorial HospitalBreastfeeding Buddies WebsiteSocial Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)Print Media (Poster, Pamphlet, Postcard)North/West Lambton CHCGuelph CHCNone of the Above

    I want more information about breastfeedingI need help with breastfeeding problemsI want to meet and learn from other breastfeeding momsI am looking for other breastfeeding resources in the communityI am a current or future birth/postpartum worker looking for professional development

    Please note: Space in 1the Breastfeeding Buddies Me Breastfeed session is reserved for expecting parents. If you hope to observe the session in a professional capacity, please have a representative from your organization reach out to Observation spaces will be considered on an extremely limited, prearranged basis only.


    First TrimesterSecond TrimesterThird Trimester

    DoctorNurse PractitionerObstetricianMidwifeI have not seen a healthcare provider

    I am living on a limited income (e.g. I have had to visit a food bank, I sometimes don't have money for rent)I am living in unstable housing (e.g. I am on a waiting list for housing, I have stayed at a shelter)I am new to Canada (I have lived in Canada less than ten years)I don't have many social supports (e.g. Family, friends, neighbours, community groups)None of the above


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