CMH Volunteer Availability

Please fill out your availability for October 2023.

Please keep in mind that not all selected shifts will be booked.

The more availability you provide, the easier it is for us to schedule :

    Sunday, October 1, Morning
    Sunday, October 1, Afternoon
    Monday, October 2, Morning
    Monday, October 2, Afternoon
    Saturday, October 7, Morning
    Saturday, October 7, Afternoon
    Sunday, October 8, Morning
    Sunday, October 8, Afternoon
    Monday, October 9, Morning
    Monday, October 9, Afternoon
    Saturday, October14, Morning
    Saturday, October14, Afternoon
    Sunday, October 15, Morning
    Sunday, October 15, Afternoon
    Tuesday, October 17, Morning
    Tuesday, October 17, Afternoon
    Saturday, October 21, Morning
    Saturday, October 21, Afternoon
    Sunday, October 22, Morning
    Sunday, October 22, Afternoon
    Tuesday, October 24, Morning
    Tuesday, October 24, Afternoon
    Saturday, October 28, Morning
    Saturday, October 28, Afternoon
    Sunday, October 29, Morning
    Sunday, October 29, Afternoon
    Tuesday, October 31, Morning
    Tuesday, October 31, Afternoon