Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics!

Due to popular demand, we have added a second series to our Latch & Learn topics! Offered Thursdays at 1:00pm, our “Latch & Learn Part II: Beyond the Basics” will cover questions that often arise in older breastfed babies. This series is open to everyone, though the content is aimed at parents of babies 3 months and older.

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Latch and Learn: Beyond the Basics Topics

When Two becomes Three… adding a breastfeeding baby to your relationship!
Having a baby can bring major changes to your relationship and it may seem like everyone’s role is up for renegotiation. Feelings of being left out, carrying all the responsibility for nourishing your baby and having no time for each other are common; you are not alone. Discover strategies to help you and your partner adjust to new parenthood, breastfeeding, and countless baby photos.

Breastfeeding, Babies and the Dinner Table
Is your little one close to 6 months of age? Are family members wanting to feed your baby solids? Introducing solids to your baby is a very exciting parenting milestone.  Learn why breastfeeding is still the most important food your baby receives, current recommendations on solids introduction and parent tested tips on your new family dinner table!

Under One Breastfeeding Fun!
Is your baby teething? Are they distracted a lot when nursing? Have you gone through a nursing strike? Breastfeeding a busy, growing, moving baby presents new funny breastfeeding moments and unique challenges. Join us in discussing the ups and downs of breastfeeding a baby who is 6 months plus. If your baby is under 6 months, still come and learn about what is to come!!!

Covered or not…. Public Breastfeeding
Breastfeeding outside of the comfort of your home (or inside the home on a virtual call!) can seem very stressful. Many parents feel nervous, embarrassed, and worried about what others will think! Breastfeeding Buddies have learned strategies to breastfeed with confidence in any situation. Covered or not, join us to discuss tips, your concerns, your rights and ask questions.

Breastfeeding Beyond a Year …  Why?
“Are you STILL breastfeeding?” “Breastmilk has no benefits after a certain age….” Many parents are given misinformation and face criticism about breastfeeding their children beyond infancy. Join experienced breastfeeding buddies for a conversation about why breastfeeding beyond a year is normal and an important health decision for you and your child! Toddlers welcome!

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    Thursday Sep 9: When Two become Three
    Thursday Sep 23: Breastfeeding, Babies, & the Dinner Table
    Thursday Oct 7: Under ONE Breastfeeding FUN
    Thursday Oct 14: Public/Virtual Breastfeeding
    Thursday Oct 28: Breastfeeding Beyond One

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